Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia

Can you guys believe the conduct of fans Namco Tales in America? There have been many games Tales of coming sometime in the American version. Fortunately, after almost two years of Tales of Xillia release in Japan, Namco Bandai is finally ready also bring this game to America. It’s too late, especially with Tales of Xillia 2 years already release yesterday, but still should be thankful that this game could also end up playing in the English language.

Tales of Xillia introduced the world named Rieze Maxia, a world where spirits and humans living in harmony. Unfortunately, there are bad elements that will destroy this world until the Lord of Spirit in the form of Maxwell beautiful girl named Milla Maxwell came to stop the foolishness of mankind. That shit here is a young man named Jude Mathis who inadvertently drifting through this story.

In this game, we can choose to play as Jude or Milla. Though both are essentially the same story, but each story will be told with a different perspective. There are some scenes where Jude and Milla apart, and we can only see the stories of the characters that we choose only.

As a Japanese RPG game where characters are available and we can not create, the game should have a strong and interesting characterization. In this case, Tales of Xillia does not disappoint.

Each character that is present has its own appeal, ranging from Milla who appears as a beautiful girl, but has properties like a kid who is still naive, Jude is genius and really like helping people, the mercenary Alvin saantai, Elize cute but shy and weird puppet friend named Teepo, the gentleman Rowen, until little friend Jude, who tend to be energetic Leia..

In every game Tales , the interaction between the characters is one of the most interesting things to look. Many Skits between characters in Tales of Xillia that invites laughter, not only on the scene to talk alone, even at the time won the battle , we can also see how Elise embrace Milla, Milla threatened to expel or Alvin.

Jude and Milla trip will certainly enlivened by the battle against the enemy. Tales of Xillia provide party of four characters and a new system where we can do a link between two characters named Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System.

By using the system links two characters, we can do the combo more, perform juggling , and also do Linked Artes, a combination attack with the partner link us. Even if the Linked Artes Gauge we have it, we can do Chaining Linked Artes , where we can continually produce Linked Artes to partner us. If you already understand the system, we can replace the relay link partners when making his Linked Artes Chaining makes battle more dynamic and exciting.

Although in battle we can only use one character, the character which we operate we can still determine the movement’s strategy menu. Many of the options that we can determine the AI. If you prefer, we can also arrange a shortcut so that they produce moment we want. In addition, we are also able to change party member we are on-the-fly while the sidelines of battle.

Of course we can not create character, but we can customize each character’s ability to use Orb Lilium . Each level up, the character will get where GP’s GP can be used for a node in Lilium Orb. Selection node must be connected to each other, but free would be directed where it all, hanging their appetite players.

In terms of character appearance, Tales of Xillia provides three slots for installing accessories. There are many accessories that can we get by way of lulling side quest or find hidden in the Dungeon . Not all of the accessories that are cool, some are funny like waking hair, snot , rabbit ear, glasses emo , and so on.

Tales of Xillia has a system of shop that is quite unique. All shops in the same world, and that they can sell better, we should invest something, whether material or amount of money.

And most busy? Namco Bandai gives a system of fast travel where we want to be able to directly choose any location, whether the city or the Dungeon . We can even fast travel from the Dungeon directly to the city would not have to fight a myriad of monsters that keep the streets.

In terms of graphics, some locations in the game can appear beautiful, but the average Dungeon in this game seem less alive. Fortunately their well-animated characters. With the opening in the anime , this game is quite successful serves a 3D game with style anime . Overall, Tales of Xillia come pretty enough for anime fans.

Songs on Tales of Xillia quite varied, there are tracks laid in the city, which is sometimes rather boring song in the dungeon, and the song is quite exciting when the battle. As usual, the voice acting in this game be dubbed into English. For those who have never listened to the voice in the original Japanese, the voice acting in Tales of Xillia good enough to be heard. Of course we should be grateful that Namco Bandai would bring this game to America even though his voice dubbed in English. For the English dub voice haters, this game provides the option to turn down the volume of the voice acting, and even can also be turned off completely.

With the presence of the two main characters have a different perspective, technically we could just find out the whole story Tales of Xillia full after finishing this game twice. Coupled with the side-quest very much, this game will definitely need some time to resolve.

Finally, Tales of Xillia work gives a fascinating tale of the parts that will surely invite laughter players, battle the fun , customization which always makes us always want to “Wow, less GP, must find another level!”, multiplayer co- op offline four players, as well as a hilarious character appearance customization.

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