Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

One year after the release of New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo released the second Mario game on the Wii U that Super Mario 3D World. Seeing the success of Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS, Nintendo EAD Tokyo 3D platformer genre decided to opt for the latest Mario.

Just like New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario 3D World can be played multiplayer for up to four people. There are four characters to choose from, namely Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. Because this time Princess Peach can be played, then the story is slightly different path. Mario and his friends must help the fairy princess who has been kidnapped by Bowser.

The base gameplay has not changed, you still have to run, jump with some variations, squat, and also do a spin jump. Each character has different abilities, so if you have trouble on a level, you can try to use other characters that might be easier for the game.

Of course, with a new Mario game, meaning there is a new power-ups. Some power-ups are introduced in this game is Super Mario Bell that can make wearing Cat Suit, Double Cherries can make Mario into two and many others. Although just a power-up, the new addition makes the gameplay becomes more fresh and varied. An example is Cat Suit, costume allows Mario to climb walls or scratch the enemy. This costume does look quite a bit overpowered, but actually make this latest Mario platformer to be more unique and challenging.

Speaking of platformer, level design in Super Mario 3D World is amazing. This is no doubt because Nintendo EAD Tokyo is the developer behind the Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Galaxy level design for both its games have often received many compliments. The designs offered are attractive, ranging from the level as Mario Kart or even levels that appear in the style of the game shoot’em up. The themes are also very interesting, ranging from cake theme, the theme of Luigi’s Mansion, or even building an oriental theme.

Each level in Super Mario 3D World offers a confidential two Green Stars and Stamp. Green Stars needed to unlock certain levels, while Stamp is a stamp that can be used in Miiverse. This game is pretty easy to play because it is targeted to all ages. For lovers of a challenge, try to target all the Green Stars and Stamp. You have to rack my brain for secret storage places is very unique and unexpected.

Super Mario 3D World has graphics and music are very good. Nintendo’s attention to the little things really detailed. You can see how the light from the fireball illuminates the surrounding area or Cat Suit feather detail that gets wet when exposed to water. There is even a little easter egg in this game in terms of graphics. To celebrate the Year of Luigi, this game sometimes raises Luigi 8-bit version of the box question mark. The music is very beautiful and the atmosphere is capable of supporting nature of each level. Nintendo also incorporate jazz into his music spice that makes the atmosphere fresh. Nintendo also very detailed attention to the music, for example, by the sound of the music that changed when entering the water.

Super Mario 3D World can be attained in less than ten hours, but this does not mean the game is short. To collect all the Green Stars and Stamp is not easy. Not to mention unlockable extra in the form of the world and also the fifth character is Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy. Also offer a variety of mini-games such as Mystery House or Captain Toad is a 3D puzzle craze many people that they ask for more mini-games, even to ask for Captain Toad made ​​his own game. Still not satisfied? Now it is time you play the Super Mario 3D World in multiplayer with three friends and try to prove whether you have a strong friendship!

Super Mario 3D World is a game that really shows how Nintendo dedication to make gamers happy. Each level has to offer really diverse and has gameplay that is very different. Not only from the main gameplay alone, Nintendo also presents a unique gimmick like can walk freely on world map, can carry items such as balls, until the rabbit that can be pursued.

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