Resident Evil: Revelations HD

Are you including console owners are disappointed that Capcom last year issued an exclusive Resident Evil game for the 3DS, Resident Evil: Revelations? Now Capcom re-releasing an HD version of the port Resident Evil: Revelations to satisfy PC gamers and console as well as the annoyance of the owners who bought the handheld 3DS by playing it.

Resident Evil: Revelations takes place in 2005, after Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 before. After destroying the Umbrella Corporation, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield act as co-founder of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance we know as BSAA Resident Evil 5 with the aim of eliminating the threat of bio-organic weapons all kinds of world.

Jill and her new partner Parker ghost sent to Queen Zenobia cruise ship is stranded in the Mediterranean sea to look for the loss of Chris and his partner Jessica. On the ship, they were apparently trapped in a mystery full of question marks. Can they solve the mystery of Queen Zenobia cruise ship?

For those who’ve played Resident Evil, especially the series 4, 5 and 6, would have been familiar with the type of third-person shooter gameplay provided by this game. But Revelations feels more like Resident Evil 4 and 5, with the ability to move while aiming.

Do not expect action like Resident Evil 6, due to the character we were not able to sprint, there is no such thing as dodge roll (there is only a simple dodge), let alone cover based shooting system. Although we still can play this game in action shooter, but exploration and austerity bullet is the essence of Resident Evil: Revelations.

In this game we will often escape from dangerous enemies, perform backtracking to search for the remains of the bullet, and of course had to think about that door could not be opened.

Revelations introduces the Genesis name suggests, a tool for scanning both the enemy and at locations around us. By using Genesis, we can find a variety of hidden items such as bullets or grenades.

This game also has a weapon customization. During the game we will find customization parts that we can attach to the arms for added strength such as attack +20%, +10% rate of fire and so on.

If we’ve completed the campaign or are idle, we could jump into the Raid Mode. Raid mode is a semi-RPG mode with random loot in which we are given a variety of stages to be completed and collect Battle Points.

By completing the Raid Mode stage, we will gain experience that can increase the level of character that we use, get a variety of customization parts, weapons and of course rare kinds of illegal goods hidden customization part in certain positions.

There are more characters to play and maximized levels in Raid Mode, ranging from Jill, Chris, Parker, to the special character of Rachael and Hunk console versions (and two DLC characters, and Lady Rachael Ooze Hunk). We can also play Raid Mode online and local, love can not be played in split-screen.

View Resident Evil: Revelations looks absolutely gorgeous. For a game that is a HD remaster, Revelations managed to provide better detail, better animations, and of course the monster that looks more horrible. The character is also now completely open his mouth while in-game dialogue. However, when compared to today’s standards, is still less detail background texture.

Unfortunately there is still a slight lag on this game, luckily not in our current exciting fight monsters, but when the game is doing loading new areas such as going up the lift or open the door. The same lag that occurs in the 3DS version.

Just like the 3DS version, Revelations also gives you the option of dual voice, English and Japanese. For those who want to listen to Chris’s fun and Jill in Japanese, this option is worth a try. “Kurisu! Jiru!”

The atmosphere is the power of Resident Evil: Revelations, and the atmosphere of the ship Queen Zenobia really like a ghost ship, the corridors are gripping, mysterious and track enemies that like to get out of unexpected places, not one that this game is survival horror genre.

Maybe the 3DS users will be a little difficult to adapt to control Resident Evil: Revelations on the console, especially those who use the Circle Pad Pro. For some reason, the buttons that were used by using a knife, has now turned into a grenade throw button, while the knife is now dedicated in the firing button (without aiming). This can sometimes make us throw a grenade when you want to use a knife to the fight.

In addition to the changes, of course, aiming feels more natural to use than using the analog circle pad. Resident Evil: Revelations deserves to be played using a gamepad than using the Circle Pad Pro. For those who want to use the classic controls like Resident Evil 4 also still can, because Capcom gives the option.

There are a few things missing in the console version. Now we no longer can use the laser sight for aiming, because Capcom replaced with the targeting reticule. In addition, first-person shooting mode has also been removed, and a variety of mini-games that use the touch screen has now been simplified. But when compared to the 3DS version, the console version of the menu interface much better views.

Capcom also gave a new difficulty to choose from since the beginning of the Infernal. In this mode, be prepared to be slaughtered by the number of monsters that much and changed the position of the item. We should think twice before attacking the monster that his cell phone while the bullets are much more limited. Better run than trying to slaughter all the monsters here.

Broadly speaking, Capcom managed to bring back the atmosphere of the classic Resident Evil (1, 2 and 3) to the series with a more modern look. Character who is running a bit slow in the middle of a scary atmosphere, mainly from a narrow corridor that lead to claustrophobia, limited bullets, and the many mysterious locked door indicates that Capcom could still make the single player survival horror game which is better than some recent development with the name of the recent Resident Evil Here you are.

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