Is the type of platforming game still popular? In the era in which the game is filled by the modern military shooter, SCE Japan Studio still have confidence in this genre, and they also made โ€‹โ€‹a game called Puppeteer.

Puppeteer is a side-scrolling platformer game where players control a boy named Kutaro. The child was abducted from Earth when it is asleep, turned into a wooden doll and her head was decided by the Moon Bear King wrongdoers.

To survive , Kutaro must use replacement head has a variety of appearance, such as burgers, skulls, spiders, and so on. Along his journey to get back his head, Kutaro named Calibrus using magic scissors that can cut objects made โ€‹โ€‹of paper around it.

Puppeteer presentation was as if we were watching a puppet show theater, where all the present level by moving objects on the screen. In fact, the atmosphere feels like a theater, with the audience cheering and laughter.

In our limited screen control Kutaro and try to resolve the given stage. However, in addition to controlling Kutaro, we also have to control his partner, both Ying Yang and Pikarina.

As already notified, Kutaro requires the head to be alive. If he’s hit, head-mounted body will loose, and Kutaro must pursue his head before disappearing. Fortunately, Kutaro could have three heads, one mounted, two more in reserve.

Function of the head is more than just decoration. Kutaro can also perform special actions using his head in certain places to open up a pathway and a secret bonus level.

Calibrus, scissors owned by Kutaro, is unique in doing platforming. Kutaro can use the scissors to cut the opponent, climb to the top, or pulled ahead by cutting a row of objects on the screen.

As the story goes, Kutaro will also gain new techniques to help her complete a level, such as a shield to reflect enemy fire, bombs to destroy the object, and so on.

Kutaro not alone on his journey, he was accompanied by a flying cat Ying Yang who was later replaced by a fairy named Pikarina chatty. Kutaro partner we could control the use of the right analog to interact with objects on the screen.

The most unique, Kutaro partner can be controlled by a second player. The second player can control it using the PS Move controller or both. Arguably, the right way to play the Puppeteer is a way two-player co-op.

Many things can not be done if we just play alone because control is very limited partner, but with the presence of these two players, a lot of things that could be easier (or more difficult, depending on how isengnya the second player).

For example, there is a location that is not possible moonsparkles Kutaro reach, but the second player as Pikarina can reach and pick it up and then drop it near Kutaro. It can not be done if we play alone, as Pikarina not have a function for picking up objects on the first controller, can only interact with objects only. Strange indeed, why the two functions in the controller can not be in -map to the first controller, but only need to add one button.

In addition to trying to pass through a given stage, we will also meet with the boss fight. Unfortunately, despite some pretty unique boss fight where we had to memorize their pattern, there are some parts of the boss fight that can be solved with the QTE, so it feels less satisfied defeat.

Puppeteer has a very dynamic graphics. Stage given an absolutely charming, coupled with a strong feel of a fairy tale. Each character is animated to perfection, with a unique look, well Kutaro the wooden doll, a cute fairy Pikarina, up to the Moon Bear King that looked nasty.

Puppeteer even voice acting is really amazing, it really feels like watching theater. Narrator who narrates the narrative of eccentric like Lemony Snicket, Moon Bear King that dramatize everything exaggerated, up to a cute voice Pikarina however captious, SCE Japan Studio managed to give life to Puppeteer, coupled with the noise of the audience as well as songs that fit for the theater.

With a total of seven Act to be solved, each with a unique stage, Puppeteer provide experience playing long enough. As an addition to the replay value, each Act has a different set of heads, and we will be challenged to complete it when looking at the hole gallery.

Finally, Puppeter offers an interesting fairy tale wrapped in a unique platforming game, suitable for families, but the full experience can only be experienced when we play the game for both of us.

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