After such a long absence, Codemasters is now bringing back their car racing game called GRID 2, the sequel to Race Driver: GRID first release in 2008.

GRID 2 tells Patrick Callahan who started a special race event called the World Series Racing (WSR). We as one of the street racers who were recruited by him must boost the popularity of WSR. How to increase it? Of course with the race in a variety of exciting racing events, such as regular races (Race), Endurance, Time Attack, Drift, Eliminator, Overtake, Touge, Face-off and Checkpoint.

Several types of races are quite unique, for example Eliminator where each some time, which was in the rear will be disqualified, or Overtake where we had to race the trucks following the path slowly. Among all the race modes, it seems the most difficult is the Touge, where we race car with one other car, but it should not be left behind and the opponent can not hit the car.

But do not expect an interesting story of WSC in GRID 2. The story is just a made-up excuse for our race course.

GRID 2 has a new system called LiveRoute. There are several circuit races where we did not get to see the mini-map, because the route will change dynamically. If we had to turn right, when we arrived at the same intersection, the route now can be straight or turn left. It is quite challenging and makes them rely too much on the mini-map should always be alert.

Provided quite a lot of cars, including BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Nissan and Mazda. GRID 2 also provides a beautiful setting for our various race tracks. There is a track from the official race as in Indianapolis or the Cote d’Azur, there are also races in the city of Hong Kong, Miami, Paris and so on.

Handling cars on GRID 2 it is between racing sim and arcade racer, but more towards the arcade. Car in the game is pretty easy to be controlled, which is important to have basic play car racing games such as slowing down when cornering and the correct use of brakes.

Drift mechanism here is pretty cool, but if not careful the car could spin out, especially on a track that no boundary. We can also rewind, repeat alias if an error occurs. The rewind feature has its limits, usually five times.

The absence of cars appearance customization system will probably make the most fanatical less interested customization. We can only change a car tire, colored car and put sponsor stickers only. There is no election spoiler, side skirts and so on. The system upgrade was only for online only, not for single-player.

Graphically, GRID 2 is very pretty. Tracks such as Hong Kong, Paris and so looks spectacular, moreover we also want to be able to set the day or night when the custom race. Watching back racing action we use the replay feature in the pretty towns is very intriguing.

Racing usually only accompanied by the car engine sound engineer as well as talk of the spirit that gives us when we left and the other comments when racing. The song is fun only in some parts of the race course, for example, when we race Eliminator.

GRID 2 play the online multiplayer is an interesting experience. If we find a group of people who are fair race, then we will have a cool race. Unfortunately, most people playing GRID 2 is reckless. Is trying to turn or drift? Get ready to hit by another player from behind. What may make, to do mischief was more fun than playing the ‘normal’.

It should be noted that the monitoring system on GRID 2 slightly flawed. Was hit by another player when Touge races? We are subject to disqualification. Hit by another player off the track while cornering? According GRID 2 we took a shortcut up the path alias. Unfortunately this feature can not be turned off.

The car racing fanatics will probably not like the absence of cockpit view, or view the dashboard. GRID 2 only had a chase cam (near and far), bumper and hood cam cam. Additionally, for fans who want to see the replay how cool they drift while racing, may be confused by the camera angle when the replay. Too often the camera angle on the bumper view and even sometimes the camera shows the view of the building alone.

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