Final Fantasy VII Also Present In Mobile Version

Final Fantasy VII Also Present In Mobile Version

Square Enix previously electrify many people by showing a Final Fantasy VII remake for the PlayStation 4. Everyone hopes that the phenomenal game immediately realized and present. However, let us slide the first topic on the game. With the same title, was Final Fantasy VII will also be present for smartphone users. They announce it at E3 2015 event taking place from 16-18 June 2015, in Los Angeles.

Lately Square Enix began aggressively issuing titles for the mobile version. Whether it’s the latest game, or the remake version available on the PlayStation console. Game Final Fantasy VII mobile version will be much like the game console in 1997.

The game will be available on Android and iOS smartphones, but the first iOS that will get the most first. Moreover, as we know, Square Enix will most likely make the game a premium. Or you do not have to cost you a bit, considering it’s the best game in the series.

There has been no further information on when the game Final Fantasy 7 mobile version will be present. However, citing AndroidPIT, the game will be available this summer.

Detailed for Final Fantasy VII Remake

Detailed for Final Fantasy VII Remake

In an interview with various media session at E3 2015, Tetsuya Nomura as director for the remake of Final Fantasy VII revealed some details about the remake that has long been requested by many gamers.

When talking with Eurogamer, Nomura revealed that the remake of Final Fantasy VII had started doing before Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII PC version ported to the PlayStation 4 PlayStation Experience event.

“When we announced the HD port, PC port for PS4, we were not sure when we will announce its remake,” said Nomura. “His game has started doing at the time, so there is no relationship of the timing for the two Final Fantasy VII which will be present in the PS4. We announced several games that will be present in the PS4 like World of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts III.”

Square Enix expect an announcement regarding this remake will encourage sales of the PS4 in Japan, because lately seen its sales quite low in his home country.

“More and more games are announced for the platform

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories

Maybe some of you are waiting for the latest series of this game is legendary. However, it looks like Natsume still want to keep more details of the latest Harvest Moon games theirs. Through an interview at E3, one of the executives at Natsume provide interesting statement related Harvest Moon game for the first time will be present under on iOS, Android and PC.

If there are some of you were surprised because the picture, I do not blame. If you understand. Perhaps, in outline gameplay shown still a teaser just like the photo. However, one of the executives of Natsume mention that this game is a parallel dimension of a game that already existed before the Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. However, change is clearly happening artstyle as well as the addition of several characters or other systems. Intrigued by his new system? Natsume only provide predictions that this game will be available soon in the winter and if one platform is ready to release, they will be immediately released so that the fans do not have to wait long.

Apparently, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will be the same as the game Harvest Moon: Animal Parade which is a parallel dimension of Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquilty and released for the Nintendo Wii. Natsume promised to provide full details as soon as possible.

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight

Hearing the name that comes to mind is obvious Marvel Avengers. Well, the game is published by Netmarble it was quite get the interest of many people. Especially after watching Avengers: Age of Ultron, more and more people are interested in the Marvel superhero.
Fight the Future Marvel present to answer the thirst of the fans of Marvel. Moreover, this game was also released almost simultaneously with the Age of Ultron. In fact, the first enemy of this game is Ultron. Well for you who do not watch the movie, it is advisable to watch to find out who Ultron.

In terms of gameplay, quite interesting. You can choose to play one hand or if you want more hardcore, you can play it with two hands. You can also set the auto mode like mobile games in general. However, there are two options here auto mode. Namely regular auto mode and auto mode plus to be opened if you complete a mission with a three star rating. To get a three star rating you have to complete a mission with no single superhero you are dead in the dungeon.

If you are lovers of RPG action game on Smartphone, maybe you’ll like this game battle. You could say this game provides space for you who love the control that is not only limited to tapping it. Considering this is a game of

Skip E3, Promotion Final Fantasy XV Begins at Gamescom

Skip E3, Promotion Final Fantasy XV Begins at Gamescom

In Active Time Report, Hajime Tabata provide a response to various inputs of gamers who have tried the demo of Final Fantasy XV. After giving a response (which you can see in the video below), Tabata also revealed some other interesting information.

Square Enix plans to release Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae version 2.0, which is equipped with various improvement. They intend to release it in mid-May, but since this is the first time there is a demo that is updated, they should discuss it first with the console maker. If not, the demo version 2.0 can only be enjoyed in a large event only. Improvements are prepared are:

There certainly feature

Improved Active Cross Battle
Improved camera and the target system
Additional combat action / re-balance overall and bug fixes
More joint attack (currently there is only one) and to enable it, may differ from the current.
Added possibility dodge roll

Mighty No. 9 Release 15 September

Mighty No. 9 Release 15 September

Comcept announced that Mighty No. 9 is ready for release in the US on September 15 in the United States, and 18 worldwide. The game will be released digitally for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, XBox 360, Wii U, and PC at a price of about 20 dollars.

Comcept also announced that they formed a cooperation with Deep Silver who makes Mighty No. 9 get a release in physical form. Physical release is only available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Wii U only with a price of about 30 dollars. The physical version comes with DLC and an additional bonus.

As for the PS Vita and 3DS, Mighty No. 9 digital version will be released later.

Cooperation between Comcept with Deep Silver is not only present a physical release only, but also additional resources that could be used to deliver additional content for its games such as:

Ray DLC: New Stage equipped with epic battles with rivals, namely

Teaser Call of Duty: Black Ops III Show Progress Technology

Teaser Call of Duty Black Ops III Show Progress Technology

Activision has aired latest teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, entitled “Ember.” This trailer shows the progress of technology through human beings can not control it.

The teaser is really reminiscent of the teaser for Deus Ex: Human Revolution which has very advanced technology that people can be modified. Some examples of modifications are seen in this teaser is a network connection from brain to brain, synthetic organs, for retinal implants, until rumors program “super soldier” of America. Because it has a theme similar to Deus Ex, Deus Ex Twitter account for up to provide a unique reply.

Looks inaugural Call of Duty: Black Ops III will be shown on Sunday, April 26th, 2015.

Steam Add Features Selling Mod, Beginning of Skyrim

Steam Add Features Selling Mod, Beginning of Skyrim

Steam has long supported mod for games that exist in the digital store by using the Steam Workshop. But, now everything will change because now modder can sell their homemade mod, no longer free. The first game that supports a paid mod is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Artificial mod community has long been present in Steam since 2011, when the Steam Workshop launched. Valve said that there are currently more than 24,000 mod and artificial items for Skyrim players who bsia obtained free of charge. Mod-mod has been downloaded over 170 million times.

Starting today, Valve said they “put the mod makers into the business through a process to develop, sell, and arranging their goods made easy.”

Some mod paid in Steam Workshop for Skyrim has been available. Although some have a price that is certain, mostly into the category of “pay as they pleased.” This means, you can pay as you wish. Valve also offers a “debut pack” for 17 mod Skyrim.

Valve also explains that for Steam users who have purchased the mod in the Steam Workshop and are not satisfied, they can ask for a refund within 24 hours.