170 Game Titles PS4 Predicted Will be Announced in 2015

170 Game Titles PS4 Predicted Will be Announced in 2015

This week, Sony Computer Entertainment announced a number of new games for the PlayStation 4 in the event Japan Asia. However, Hiroshi Ueda as vice president for SCE Japan revealed that there will be more game titles that will be revealed.

“I’m very proud of the amount of variation that we showcase title. Though the amount is limited to the retail version (physical), not including the download version, then in March of next year we will have about 170 pieces of game titles for the PS4,” he said in the magazine Dengeki PlayStation.

He argues that game developers in Japan have started to contribute to the new generation of Sony’s console is. Ueda went on to say that the main purpose of future Sony is “make the game more attractive to their customers.”

Ueda also said that Sony will continue to listen to feedback from their customers to continue to create a better platform.

For PS Vita, Ueda said, “The number of users PS Vita pretty much, that attract game developers who believe that they can sell their games in Sony’s handheld. I think, in the future we will see some of the mobile phone game titles to in the PS Vita. “

Next week, Dota 2 Gamers Get Updates Techies

Next week, Dota 2 Gamers Get Updates Techies

Finally, in the latest patch later a new hero techies with the grenade will land in Dota 2 As written on his official blog, Valve said that the techies with a series of new updates will meet the Dota 2 gamers next week.

Maybe some of you already do not feel familiar with Techies, a figure that has a hobby goblins blow up everything. And yes, techies will soon be controlled by gamers to add to the thrill of battle in Dota 2. Techies has some skill, almost all of which is to provide a blast, making his shattered.

Besides techies, in the new patch later this Dota 2 will also have a myriad of new content, including a new set of Arcana for techies, Treasure Box contains announcer techies, new fashion All Random Deadmatch,

Win Tickets to PAX Australian 2014 in Competition World of Tanks

Win Tickets to PAX Australian 2014 in Competition World of Tanks

Wargaming Asia announced that it held a new competition in which the winner with a friend could win a trip to PAX 2014 in Melbourne Australia fully funded by the Asian wargaming. PAX Australia is the largest gaming expo in the southern hemisphere which will take place from 31 October to 2 November.

All Asian World of Tanks players can enter the competition to be able to walk around at PAX Australia 2014, including wargaming visited the booth and try their latest game, World of Warships.

To enter the competition, gamers just need to register themselves only via email. Gamers are able to follow the competition will be notified through Facebook World of Tanks Asia. After that, gamers must fight from 1 to 14 September

Games with Gold in September Offer Halo: Reach, Super Time Force, Monaco

Games with Gold in September Offer Halo Reach, Super Time Force, Monaco

Microsoft has revealed the line Games with the Gold for the month of September. Free game line is intended to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Games are offered for next month’s attractive enough that Halo: Reach from Bungie, Super Time Force of Capy Games, and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine from Pocketwatch Games.

One Xbox owners will be able to enjoy the Super Time Force from September 1 to September 30 for free. While Xbox 360 owners can enjoy free Monaco from September 1, and then replaced with Halo: Reach from 16 September to 30 September.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can still enjoy the Crimson Dragon, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, and Dishonored for free until August 31.

Gamevil Launches Castle Fantasia in the App Store and Google Play!

Gamevil Launches Castle Fantasia in the App Store and Google Play!

Gamevil, a specialist publisher of mobile games, on August 27, 2014 and released their latest game, titled Castle Fantasia, is a game with combat-strategy genre, combining both the popular mobile game, Clash of Clans and Summoner Wars.

Castle Fantasia offers a unique and exciting gameplay. Here, gamers can build up and beautify their city defense, training soldiers in the palace, such as the hero preserve the Golem, Elf, Human, or Dragon.

In addition, Castle Fantasia also presenting feature PvP, where players can attack other gamers in the city-owned Single Player and Multiplayer modes. In order not to overly curious, what if we look at the first trailer

Kazunori Yamauchi Discussed About Gran Turismo for PS4

Kazunori Yamauchi Discussed About Gran Turismo for PS4

In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation celebrates the 20th anniversary since the launch of PlayStation in Japan, creator of Gran Turismo Kazunori Yamauchi expressed his opinion about how to make sense of the PlayStation games for a variety of hardware over the years, as well as her goals for driving simulation series that will be present The PlayStation 4.

When in the era of the first PlayStation, Yamauchi tells how he sent nearly 100 proposals for various kinds of games before finally choosing Motor Toon Grand Prix, which was only released in Japan. Looking back, he feels it is a good thing to start her career with the game on the PlayStation.

As for what has been achieved by Yamauchi and his team as the development of the hardware game, Yamauchi feels his simulator has advanced a long way in terms of approaching the real world, but at the same time he describes how the rapid advancement of hardware will bring new things that can be delivered through the game.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies (iOS)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright, is one of the characters is quite popular among the users of Nintendo, especially for those who like adventure in the world of law Phoenix Wright. Young lawyer known for his distinctive hair models and also the ability to perform ‘bluffing’ to gain time or additional pry information from existing evidence and witnesses in order to save his clients from a crime in court, has been present on devices using iOS since June 14 August 2014 yesterday.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is an iOS version of the same title on the Nintendo 3DS handheld. To get this game fairly easy, provided you have an account on the Apple iTunes store, you can directly download it for free. Yes, free but that does not mean we will get the full version of his game, but we can only play the first episode of this game. The rest of us can choose to buy it through the features in the menu.

In principle, the way to play this game is almost the same as that of its 3DS version, the difference is the absence of a second screen for the iOS version. So the menu and the other is located on the corner of a side-by-side look of the game. The rest is the same, namely to rely on the touch screen features of the device that you are using.

Modern Combat 5: The Blackout

Modern Combat 5 The Blackout

Modern Combat 5: The Blackout arguably Call of Duty: Modern Warfare her mobile games. Gameloft made ​​this game has everything that is from Modern Warfare, such weapons are cool, action scenes are over the top, and good graphics. But if the latest sequel to “Call of Duty mobile version” is successfully meet expectations as its predecessor?

Blackout is still the same gameplay as the first-person shooter in general, the difference this time gamers must use the “analog and virtual buttons and touch screen” to be able to move and perform actions (shooting, throwing grenades, reloading weapons, etc.). Gamers who are not used to play first-person shooter games via smartphones will find it difficult to get used to.

Although I must admit that the controller is an act of “best” of Gameloft’s games on platforms like this. In addition, the game’s enemy AI is not as smart as “brother” in the console, so it does not matter much.

Unlike the common FPS games that let gamers choose Class in multiplayer only, Blackout gives gamers the opportunity to practice and improve their level in single-player. Each enemy kill gamers in the single-player, will give gamers Rank EXP to increase which will also give gamers the SP to upgrade each Class. The more often gamers use certain weapons, the greater the chance for gamers to get additional items to customize weapons.