Project Cars Delayed to March 2015

Project Cars Delayed to March 2015

Namco Bandai and Slightly Mad Studios announced that they postpone the release of Project Cars of 18 November to its March 17, 2015. This was done because they did not want to release his game in November with the release of the full game due to begin entering the holiday season in the United States and also provide them more time to polish his game.

“Our goal from the beginning was to bring the title of which became a milestone that represents the hopes and desires of racing game fans around the world; something with the features and content that is reinforced by the community that provide unforgettable and unique experience,” said Ian Bell as the leader Slightly Mad Studios

“Although this is a difficult decision, change the release schedule allows his game to have the best chance of success and visibility, and a chance to polish his game even further to the high standards demanded and expected by us and our community. We can not wait so you can see what we have done in a few months. “

Project Cars will be released to PlaySation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For Wii U and SteamOS version will be released in 2015.

Gamers Discover How to Enable Support Oculus Rift in Alien: Isolation

Gamers Discover How to Enable Support Oculus Rift in Alien Isolation

In E3 2014, Sega and The Creative Assembly shows a special demo of Alien: Isolation is using Oculus Rift. But when the game’s released in retail, features to play a survival horror game with a VR headset is not available. A number of gamers who want a higher level of eeriness began looking for a way to enable the use of Oculus Rift.

It turns out that they have managed to find a way to play Alien: Isolation by using the Oculus Rift. Just by changing some text and XML files and adjust some settings Oculus Rift, the horror game can be played by using the Oculus Rift. Gamers who’ve tried it also said that “mod” is running smoothly.

Skylanders: Trap Team, First Debut Skylanders on iOS and Android Tablets

Skylanders Trap Team, First Debut Skylanders on iOS and Android Tablets

Skylanders: Trap Team has been released in North America yesterday October 5 for a variety of platforms (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS). But what makes the latest title of the series is a special Skylanders is presence for the first time in the tablet iOS, Android, and Fire OS (OS for Amazon‘s tablet).

This game will give gamers “a similar experience as the console version,” because that is the tablet version of the controller and the base of his own.

Pack Skylanders: Trap Team tablet version is named Tablet Starter Pack. In addition to available controller and base Bluetooth Traptanium portal mentioned above, the starter pack also provides trap, which serves to capture the enemy, and two new characters, one of which is named Trapmasters. The game itself can be downloaded for free.

Below is a list of tablets that can play Skylanders: Trap Team :

Spend $ 100 on PSN During October, Get Cash-Back Bonus $ 15

Spend $ 100 on PSN During October, Get Cash-Back Bonus $ 15

Sony has revealed the latest promotions for the PlayStation platform during the month of October. In the form of cash-back promotion is very suitable because in many games this month which will be released in October.

Gamers who shop on the PlayStation Network with a total of 100 dollars or more from October 1 to October 28 will receive a code for the PSN Wallet worth 15 dollars. Pre-order on PSN also included as part of this promotion, so gamers can be used to buy games that will be released in November as LittleBigPlanet 3 and Far Cry 4 in order to enjoy his promotion.

Sony will give you the code before November 7th, and the code must be activated before December 5th. Upon entry into the PSN Wallet, then the money will be yours forever gamers (origin has not been used). This promotion is only valid for PSN just Americas region.

Latest Firmware Update Wii U add Folders Feature

Latest Firmware Update Wii U add Folders Feature

Nintendo has released firmware 5.2.0 for the Wii U. The update provides additional features such as gamers can now create a folder in the Wii menu is very useful to trim appearance.

Here are the latest changes from Nintendo:

Changes in Wii U Menu:

  • can now create folders on the Wii U menu to save and compile the software icon.
  • Icon Download Management added to the Wii U menu.

Changes in the Quick Start Menu:

  • Quick Start Menu will now be displayed when turning on the Wii U through the Wii U GamePad.
  • New options have been added to the Power Settings that allows gamers to hide some of the software from the Quick Start Menu.

EA Promises Battlefield Hardline Not Troubled When Launched

EA Promises Battlefield Hardline Not Troubled When Launched

Battlefield series of Electronic Arts has a dark history of the game in which his “very difficult” to be played when it launched because it is fraught with problems. Gamers can see how the history of the launch of Battlefield 4 which has a lot of problems continues. Now, the company promised that his latest entry titled Battlefield Hardline will not suffer the same fate.

In the Tokyo Game Show 2014, Game Revolution interviewed Ian Milham is a creative director at Battlefield Hardline. They ask if Battlefield Hardline will suffer the same fate with the previous Battlefield games. Milham was the confident reply that his game will run smoothly when it is launched later.

Milham explains that Visceral begin working before Hardline Battlefield Battlefield 4 was launched last autumn. Visceral hard work was seen in the game and also “some things are being done DICE since then.”

170 Game Titles PS4 Predicted Will be Announced in 2015

170 Game Titles PS4 Predicted Will be Announced in 2015

This week, Sony Computer Entertainment announced a number of new games for the PlayStation 4 in the event Japan Asia. However, Hiroshi Ueda as vice president for SCE Japan revealed that there will be more game titles that will be revealed.

“I’m very proud of the amount of variation that we showcase title. Though the amount is limited to the retail version (physical), not including the download version, then in March of next year we will have about 170 pieces of game titles for the PS4,” he said in the magazine Dengeki PlayStation.

He argues that game developers in Japan have started to contribute to the new generation of Sony’s console is. Ueda went on to say that the main purpose of future Sony is “make the game more attractive to their customers.”

Ueda also said that Sony will continue to listen to feedback from their customers to continue to create a better platform.

For PS Vita, Ueda said, “The number of users PS Vita pretty much, that attract game developers who believe that they can sell their games in Sony’s handheld. I think, in the future we will see some of the mobile phone game titles to in the PS Vita. “

Next week, Dota 2 Gamers Get Updates Techies

Next week, Dota 2 Gamers Get Updates Techies

Finally, in the latest patch later a new hero techies with the grenade will land in Dota 2 As written on his official blog, Valve said that the techies with a series of new updates will meet the Dota 2 gamers next week.

Maybe some of you already do not feel familiar with Techies, a figure that has a hobby goblins blow up everything. And yes, techies will soon be controlled by gamers to add to the thrill of battle in Dota 2. Techies has some skill, almost all of which is to provide a blast, making his shattered.

Besides techies, in the new patch later this Dota 2 will also have a myriad of new content, including a new set of Arcana for techies, Treasure Box contains announcer techies, new fashion All Random Deadmatch,